Mark's 2002 Pt Cruiser Limited

Well I finally did it. I decided to call Brewer Chrysler and see if they had any new PT's in . I have been trying to find an Inferno Red Limited with a 5 speed with Antilock's, CD. Heated Seats and NO roofrack and have had no luck. Plus the dealers all wanted several thousand over MSRP because it such a popular car. There is a year backlog to order one. Brewer Chrysler had just gotten the car in said it was what I wanted so the family all went down and I bought it on the spot. No dickering and no mark-up over MSRP. I just said I wanted it and and they accepted a check for MSRP. It was their first 2002 sale and the only 5 speed limited the salesman had seen.

Well I love the car. Of course me being me, I had to wet sand down the entire car and buff it out to satisfy my need for a shiny car. Next stop the paint shop to paint the bumpers to match the body. I have already ordered a rear wing for it and am looking at other ways to personalize it.

Below are a few pictures I took after I buffed it out and washed it.


Big 225k Pic

I Love the Curves

Yours Truely

Nice Rearward Lines

From the side

Nose Shot

Guages Daytime

Guages Night

Interior Side

Interior Center