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Bob Iozia's 1969 442

1969 442  Aztec Gold  4spd  with A/C

First, I started with the old car hobby in 1987 with a '51 Plymouth. Then moved to 2 Hudson Hornets, which were great cars for their era. They have a rich NASCAR racing history and were quite superior in design and quality for cars of that era. The need grew for me to collect,preserve,and enjoy cars from my high school time. ('69-'72). Always being a musclecar fan, my ultimate car in my high school days would have been an Olds 442, however,having very limited funds meant I would drive a '64 Olds F-85, while dreaming of those 442s. Fast foward to 1997 and having sold one of my Hudsons,I was looking to fill that vacant spot in my garage with a musclecar. I'm in a local classic car dealership checking out a '69 Chevelle SS. While I'm under that car, a salesman says"Get away from that car--it's sold." So, I'm wandering around the showroom, disappointed, when another salesman says "How about this car?" He points to a gorgeous '69 Olds 442 in Aztec Gold with a black vinyl roof and a black interior. This car is a 4 spd.and has A/C. It is a stunning restoration. I explain that I am an Olds fan,but that car is way too expensive for me to consider. He encourages me check out the car thoroughly anyway. I do and cannot find a thing wrong with it. Now back to the price. He also encourages me to make an offer. I do and he explains that the car is on consignment and he will tender my offer to the owner. Well,by the next day the car is mine and I could not be happier with the way it all turned out. Good thing that Chevelle was already sold! Now I finally fulfilled that high school dream--I now own an Olds 442. O.K. it's about a year later,I've sold my other Hudson and now I'm looking for a 2nd 442. On Bryceman's website,I find a '70 442 with the O.A.I. hood and a T-400 trans. with the Hurst dual-gate shifter and Mondello parts in the 455 motor. This car is Sherwood Green, black vinyl top and black interior. It's just one state away and after a visit and some negotiating, there's 2 Olds 442s in my garage. Now another year and a half goes by and I've sold a '67 Cutlass Cvt. that I had, and was looking to replace it. I'm in a local Dunkin' Donuts when in pulls this '70 442 convertible in Aspen Green with a white top and white interior. the car is absolutely beautiful but what are the odds of the owner wanting to sell it? Slim to none, I figure. Well, I talk to the owner and he tells me the car is running hot and he's had it several places and no-one has been able to solve the problem. I look at the interior and can see it's all new and of the highest quality. Then I look at the motor and know by the color of the motor paint, that this car was, at least, partially restored by Thorton's of PA. Thorton has the reputation of being the # 1 Olds restorer in this part of the country. His work is beautiful and his quality and accuracy are painstakingly perfect. Sure enough the owner wants to sell and is bummed out by his overheating problem. So we make a quick deal and 442 #3 is in my garage. This car of course has the 455 motor with the T-400 trans. and the normal olds shifter, not the Dual-gate. I think that's strange considering the car has PW,PDL,Tilt,Ralley Pak,Remote Trunk Release,etc. But I guess that is the way someone ordered it. By the way, the overheating problem was solved by unclogging the radiator and installing the thermostadt right-side up. (someone had put it in upside down). Now all 3 of these go to local cruise nites and local car shows and are enjoyed by all who see them.

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