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Gregg and Mary Ludlam's 1967 Toronado Deluxe

Our '67 Toronado is one of 20,020 Deluxe versions produced by Olds that year, of which ours is #14827. The car shows just over 65,000 miles on the odometer and we are the third owners. The car was originally purchased in Hazleton, PA in 1967; the second owner purchased it in March of 1994; we became the third (and hopefully FINAL) owners in August of 1995.

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The original owner was quite elderly when he sold the car, consequently it was in need of some cosmetic and mechanical work. The second owner did a "backyard" restoration of the cosmetics, repainting the car in 1991 Chrysler Claret Red from its original color of "Sautern Poly", a greenish-silver hue. The black interior is original and nearly perfect, equipped with a power Strato-Bench seat. The black vinyl top is also original and in excellent condition, although there are some signs of rust forming under the material, especially at the A-pillars - a common occurence for this vintage Toro. The car is equipped with a working AM-FM Wonderbar radio, Custom A/C, power windows, power steering, power drum brakes and vacuum trunk release. We have recently obtained a Tilt/Telescopic steering column (thanks again, Greg Kalkhoff!) and will be installing it soon.

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We have put most of our efforts into mechanically restoring the car. The second owner's brother had three '66's that could be picked-from for parts, which would explain why our car had a '66 Quadrajet carb and "B" heads on it. We have since installed the correct carb (thanks again, Chris Witt!) and are in search of a set of good, restorable Toro "C" heads. The engine and transmission gaskets/seals are badly dry-rotted, so the car has had the full range of fluid leaks, although most have been corrected. We have installed a Pertronix Ignitor electronic points/condenser replacement unit which has provided great results and badly-needed reliability. Our future goals are to rebuild the 385 bhp, 425 ci. powerplant with some mild performance enhancements. Research is ongoing on this subject!

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This magnificent car was truly ahead of its time. Although our learning curve has been steep, we have absolutely enjoyed our first year of ownership. It's a blast taking it to cruise-in's and being mobbed by people who ask, "What kind of car IS this?!", or seeing the look on their faces when you tell them it's front-wheel drive! Since the car is a "driver" and NOT a museum piece, it gets quite a bit of exposure around our area of southeastern North Carolina.

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