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Kurt Shubert's 1992 Achieva SCX

This is modern muscle.  '92 Achieva SCX (W-41).  Limited Edition factory race car.  One of 1149 in '92.  This car can run! Not inspiring at low rpm, starting at 4,000 rpm it pulls hard to 7,000.  The rev limiter kicks in at 7,200 so you can't hurt it.

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Scary in the curves, its 190 hp (without turbo & trouble) pulls .86 Gs on the skid pad.  Remember, handling is what distinguished the Olds musclecars from the pack! I bought it new in '92 as soon as they hit the showroom in April.  Presently ~13,000 mi., garaged in winter.  Was a Centennial Parade Car in Lansing at the 100th birthday party in Aug. '97.


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