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Lindsay Ballow's 1967 Delmont 88 Convertible, 'Della'

I bought Della just over 2 years ago from a good friend. He's still a good friend. He almost lost that status because I had to answer an ad in the paper. When I called about the car I said "Bill, I told you 3 years ago if you ever wanted to sell Della, call me. I coming over to get her." Twenty minutes later she was mine.

She has 108,000 miles on her and all I've had to do was put on new shocks, tires and feed her the occasional quart of oil. She turned over 100,000 miles while Elvis was singing 'Burning Love'. She's a great car.

This was the before picture. I dropped her off to begin a facelift. I pulled the engine, cleaned, repaired and or fixed everything from the firewall forward.

I had the body work and paint done first. Took her down to the metal and painted her back the original color yellow. Color code 'Y'. Easy to remember.

Next I had the engine rebuilt. It's the original high compression 425 with a 2 barrel carb. Rob did a great job on it. He balanced the engine, rebuilt the carb, fixed the air conditioning and did some minor body work under the hood. He repainted the engine compartment, the engine, air cleaner and everything else under the hood all back to original specs. After I got her back I put on all new stickers and decals under the hood to look good as new.

After that I put new brakes all the way around and needed an exhaust. I thought it would be a good time to add dual exhaust but couldn't find a new manifold for her. Dale, my exhaust guy suggested just replacing the small exhaust pipe with 2 1/2" pipe, with a 3" muffler. It still looks original, but sounds a little meaner. I may add a resonator if I get tired of the deep sound.
I got the front-end rebuilt and aligned. I also put in a new fast-ratio steering box. Della should stay in her own lane now. That will be fun. I'm put a  new top motor on, and added a new set of speakers under the seat for the CD player.
This winter, the new top and all incidental rubber will be replaced. Then I should be done. For a few more months anyway.


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