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Mike Baugher's 1969 Cutlass Convertible

I've been in love with 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlasses since I was 16 years old. Each day on the way home from school, I'd drive by an old cutlass parked in front of an old lady's house, and I wanted that car. One afternoon as I drove by, I noticed a FOR SALE sign in the window. I tested the braking power of my ugly little Plymouth Horizon that afternoon! I bought that Dark Green 'S' 2-door coupe, smoking engine and all, for $350. The body was almost perfect. The interior was pretty bad, but hey, I was in high school. My car only had to look good going down the road. I immediately spent $675 on wheels and tires, and several hundred on a stereo. (Typical that a high school kid would have more invested in those items than in the car itself.) Well, after a while, I traded the Cutlass in on a Chevy Beretta (yes, I should have been shot, but when your girlfriend whines about your ride, you make a choice....I made the wrong choice. I should have traded HER in on an engine rebuild for the Cutlass!) Anyway, needless to say, each time I saw a '69 go by, I cringed with desire.

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