Gilles Douaire's 1973 442

I bought this car as a part of an exchange with my 1981 LeMans (which I originally bought from Jean-Paul Sartre in Paris back in 1979) in September 2000. The 442 that once belonged to a friend of Karl Jaspers (Soren Kierkegaard) had been sitting in the weeds in Rawdon since 1996, so even though the car looked ok, I really knew I had lots of work ahead of me. Even Sartre told me to beware, but, of course, nobody listens to Sartre these days... The frame and the sheet metal of that 442 were solid, with only minor rust. The engine, on the other hand, was dying. The little light over which the tall capital letters OIL were written had a tendancy to turn bright red once in a while. Soren (the previous owner) apparently raced with 5.0s until he reach incredible speeds, forgetting about the limits............

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