John Frye's 1950 Olds Futuramic 88 coupe

I still dream about my first car, a 1950 Olds Futuramic 88 coupe. I bought it in 1959 while in my senior year in high school. It cost me $350 from the original owner and was in very good shape with low mileage, however the paint was faded from the Oregon coast weather so I and a friend spent many hours sanding and doing prep work for a new paint job. I had it repainted '56 Buick banner blue which was close to its original color. The photo I am sending was taken after the paint job and adding a set of Starfire hubcaps that were in style at the time. I still wonder why I was so stupid to sell it after only a year or so, and only hope it still exists. The last time I saw it was 1961. I was working in a gas station and a woman came in to the station for fuel. I didn't even own a car at the time and nearly cried when it drove away. If there is a heaven, I only hope I am reunited with my '50 Olds!

Thanks, John Frye

If anyone out there in Oregon thinks they know where this car is drop John a line. It was possibly last seen on Coos Bay, Oregon ______



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