Mike Semrau's 1969 98

This is my 1969 Olds Ninety-eight. I lucked into this car last year and can't wait until the Navy gets me back home so I can do more cruising. While I was looking for a beater to get to and from the base this car just jumped out of the "Auto Trader" at me. The car itself is super clean in and out but the guy I bought it from stood on the original 455 Rocket until he spun a main bearing and then let it sit in a garage for two years. I gave him $500.00 cash and had it towed home. For the next two months it sat on jacks in my front yard while my friend Patty Reagan and I rebuilt the powerplant. The car has 120,000 on it but the rebuilt 455 has about 200 on it, purrs like a kitten and will make 2 tons of American steel fly. This monster is a real head turner and 98% original. From the hubcaps to the black vinyl top. Only the front seat was replaced due to damage by the previous owner. I am the third and guarantee you final owner of this true cruising vessel. Long Live Rockets!

Mike Semrau


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