Tim's 1953 Olds Super 88

Tim writes: I purchased this car last year and have been restoring it since. It has the Rocket 88 303.75 c.i. 165 hp V-8 engine and it just purrs. I need the correct windshield washer bracket, glass jar and hoses to be complete, but the AM tube radio with old-time FM conversion (turn it on and it's AM, turn it off and then on again and it's FM) with front and rear speakers is just great! These pictures I got from the place I purchased the car.

Here are some updated pics to replace the ones you have. I've done some restoring since the ones I sent you before. She's also won a 3rd place in Oldsmobile Club of America peer judging at Endicott in Dedham, MA, a 2nd place in National Antique Oldsmobile Club of America National Meet in Mansfield, MA and a 1st place in the Wheels of Time "Show & Shine" in Brockton, MA, all this past summer



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