Travis's 1986 Cutlass Supreme

Oldsmobile... its been around since the early 1900's and has come a LONG way from the earlier models. This is my 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that I purchased back in July of 2000. I was able to find this beauty at an estate sale and finally purchased it for $1900 here in Tampa Florida. It came stock with the 307 V-8, 3 Speed Automatic Transmission, and of course....T-Tops. Currently I am currently starting to fix up the Olds slowly (due to a limited cash flow of being in college!!) Here are some of the parts that I have replaced: - Timing Chain and Gears - Valve Cover gaskets (What a pain on the 307!) - New Exhaust system from the Y-pipe off the headers back, including a new Cat. - 4 Dunlop GT Qualifiers 235/60 (Yes, they do fit on the stock 14"x6" rims!) - Next Step is the T-Top Gaskets, for the doors, T-Top and Body gaskets for the T-Tops, it will be about $400!! (If you know where I can get them cheaper please let me know!!)

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