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Ron Setran's 1968 F-85 W-31**

This rare 1968 Olds F-85 W-31 Ram Rod was bought new in 1968 from Beckwith Motors in Middlebury, VT. It and a Cutlass S W-31 were left over on the lot and I was able to buy it for about $2800. There were only 500 made.
The car came from the factory with ram-air scoops under the front bumper feeding the Quadrajet through large flexible ducts. It came with a Hurst 4-speed, beefed up cooling and suspension, low-restriction dual exhausts, and a black interior with a bench (!!) front seat. The car was very fast and I remember that one of the magazines published a road test at the time stating that even though the factory rated the 350 at 325 hp, the actual output was more like 375 hp.
**It served as our family car for 5 years at which time I sold it for about $1200 (one of the dumbest things I have ever done). Enjoy the pictures because they're all I've got left

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