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Ron Heller's 1969 442 Club Coupe

Here is a pic of the car before I tore it down for restoration and I am still in the process of doing so. It is a 1969 two door post car and according to what book you might look at it can be a sport coupe, club coupe or holiday coupe.  It is very hard to find parts for since there was only about 2900 of them made in '69.  I got this car in 1984 by trading for it with a few hundred dollars in another car.  I drove it for quiet a few years and then tore it down for restoration but haven't had enough luck finding some of the parts needed. I have made a few custom changes to some of the parts such as chroming the rear suspension,sway bars, and hood springs. I want to chrome the front control arms but haven't found any worth chroming yet. I have an original 400 ci engine that is a basket case right now but not for long. It will be back together as soon as I can accumulate all the stuff. I am building the car back as mild custom to put in some shows and also drive whenever I like. If anyone has any info as to where to find anything for it please e-mail me. 

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