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Tom Ericksen's '62 F-85, '67 Cutlass & '65 442

I guess I would have to say my first love for Oldsmobile's is my little white 62' F-85. I purchased this car when I was thirteen years of age with the help of my father. I paid $600.00 for it, she was a little rough around the edges, but it was all there. This car has the 215 cubic inch aluminum V-8. A very peppy little engine. Shortly after this car was done, I became bored, and wanted to find another project.

A close friend had spotted a 65' Cutlass for sale in the local buyer's guide. I looked at it, drove it home, and parked it. This car never did get restored, I ende up with a bunch of good used Cutlass parts. However, I still had a love for the 65's, and was searching for a 442. I finaly found one, at a car show/ swap meet in the car corral area, it was "cherry." With only 30,000 miles, and all the available options like power window's, air, tilt steering, factory air shocks, remote mirror, etc... I fell in love right away, I took it home. Many friends came over that night to look at my newest toy.

As for my third and final Olds, is a 67' Cutlass Supreme. Ilocated this car in search for a vehicle to drive in the winter. I ran a want ad looking for an older Cutlass or F-85. One evening on a weekend I got a phone call from a guy who had one sitting in his corn crib. I took a look, and it was in very good original shape, with the 330cubic inch engine, bucket seats, and a floor console. I purchased the car, gave it a real good cleaning up, for the fact that it had some cat prints and bird droppings on it. THe four barrel carb also got a rebuild. Tweety(it's name) runs great, she is a saffron yellow. I hope all of you enjoyed my story, I hope to see all of you at some Oldsmobile shows.

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