The following pages are notes

taken by Francis Ann Zug in 1934

and transcripted in Jan 1995


Mark W. Stevens

great grandson of Richard George Davey


The following pages

of information concern-

ing "Davey" and

connections I obtained

in 1933 from old

newspapers and also

City directories and

by recording sources

from interested people.

Some dates do not

jive or do even places

such as birth places.

My source was

Portland City Library


F.A. Stokes

(Francis Ann Zug)

June 1959

Notes are comments from Mark Stevens



Copied from Oregon Daily Journal

Portland. Tuesday Evening Nov. 7, 1905

with picture

Thomas A. Davey Passes away

was pioneer Bridge Builder, &

in Portland a fire commissioner

Deacon in First Baptist Church

was born England, and came

to America a young man; had

lived a quarter of a century in


Thomas Andrew Davey died

at his home at 434 East

Seventh Street, at 6 O'clock

this morning, after a long ill-

ness. For weeks he had been

low with heart disease, and

the end had been expected.

For many years Mr.

Davey was one of the best

known business men of this

city. He was a member of the

Fire Commissioners at the time

that body was abolished by

the adoption of the present City



Born in Ditchland, Sussex

England on April 7, 1830

He came to America 54 years

ago (Note 1) in company with his

Elder brother (Note 2). They landed

in Canada, where the Elder

Davey had secured many

contracts to build bridges

for the railroads of the

dominion. Both brothers

were expert bridge builders

and contractors. After work-

ing with his brother for

Several years, Thomas

moved to Ohio, where he

resided until he moved to

Portland 27 years ago.

Mr. Davey was a most

active Church worker, nearly

all his life. During the past

25 years he was a deacon

of the First Baptist Church

of this city, and at the


Note 1: (that would be 1905 - 54 = 1851)

Note 2: (William Davey, Richard Davey's father)


time of his death, was its

Senior Deacon. He was a

Royal Arch Mason.

On September 27, 1852 while

residing in London, England,

Mr. Davey married Sarah A.

Elliot. He is survived by

Mrs. Davey, and seven child-

ren: Family: Mrs. E A Sprague

Mrs. Bert Hicks, Mrs. J. A (or O)

Thomas, all of this city.

Mrs. Ralph K. Lee, of Oakland

Cal, Thomas Davey of

Youngstown Ohio, and Charles

W. Davey of Calgary, Alberta

Canada, Edwin J. Davey of

San Francisco.

While funeral arrangements

have not been made, it is

thought the services will be

held this Thursday after-

noon at the First Baptist




Essentially the same

Article as the previous

one on Thomas A. Davey

was published in the

Portland Oregonian -

March 8, 19

November 8, 1905 Pg 10

(with pictures)


Funeral Notice taken from

the Portland Morning

Oregonian of Feb. 11 1910

Sarah Elliot Davey

434 East Seventh Street

Age 78 years 8 months 17 days

Funeral: First Baptist Church

(The White Temple) 12th and

Taylor Sts. 2:30 p.m. Sunday

Feb. 13, 1910. Buried in

Greenwood Cemetery

(widow of Thomas Andrew



Greenwood Masons Cemetery

Charles L. Woodrum Supt.

Boones Ferry Road at

Paltine Road - RD 8

Box 115




Portland Oregonian July 24 1909

Death Notice of (died July 23, 1909

Beatrice Grider Davey

wife of Edwin J. Davey. Age

26 years - 2 months. Services

held at ________ July 25, 1909

Internment in Greenwood Cemetery

Beatrice Grider Davey was

the wife of Edwin J. Davey

and daughter in Law of

Thomas Andrew Davey.



William M. Davey

office: 1940 E. 6th - R.306

Res: 1238 Gladys Ave. Lakewood

Cleveland Ohio

From Cleveland City Directory 1932

William Leroy Flory of

Thompson ____ & Flory

were at attorneys for the Estate

of William Davey Jr. who

died Jan. 1932 in Cleveland



Portland Oregonian March 18, 1915

Clatskanie Pioneer Dies.

Richard G. Davey, native of

England, Leaves widow and

13 children.

Clatskanie Or. March 17 (Special)

Richard G. Davey, passed

away Sunday evening, at

his late home in Clatskanie

Oregon. Mr. Davey had

been a resident of Columbia

County for thirty years,

and leaves a large circle

of friends. He was born

October 24, 1839 at Hythe,

County Kent, England. He

is survived by a widow

and thirteen children.

The funeral Services were

held today at the Presbyter-

ian Church, at 2:30 pm -

with internment in the

family plot. (Note 3.)


Note 3: (it is not known which cemetery the plot is in, but is thought to be the Maplewood Cemetery. No headstone was erected)



(I don’t know the source of this account)

Richard George Davey

Clatskanie, Or March 17 -

Richard George Davey died

here late last night at

the age of 76 years. He was

a pioneer, having crossed

the Plains in 1864 from

Illinois. He was born in

County Kent, England, com-

ing to America at the

age of 16 years.

After coming to Oregon

He lived for several years

in Portland and vicinity.

He married Georgia Ann

Meigs (Note 4) at Beaverton, Or.

February 7, 1870 Seventeen

children were born to

Him, thirteen of whom

with the mother survive.

All were here to attend

the funeral which was

held in the Presbyterian


Note 4: (Much dispute surrounds the spelling of Georgia Ann's last name. I believe it was "Maggs" because of a marriage record of a Sarah Simmons to a George Maggs that I found in Des Moines, Iowa in 1849.)


Church Tuesday, the pastor

Rev. B.J. Smith officiating

For many years

Mr. Davey followed the

fishing industry on the

Columbia River. For

the past several years

he had lived quietly

in Clatskanie, working

in his garden as his

health permitted.

Taken from the

Portland Oregonian

Nov. or Dec. 1910

with picture



Samuel M. Graham

At the age of seventy four

years. Samuel M. Graham

of Marshland, Oregon, died

Thursday at the home of

his son, Arnold S. Graham

829 East Yamhill Street.

He was born in Vermillion

County Illinois August 3,

1836 and lived there

twenty years. He then

moved to Des Moines, Iowa

where he was married to

Sarah Ann Meggs (see Note 4).

(should have been spelled

MEIGS - & she was a widow) (Note 5)

until 1865 they resided

there, and then came to

Oregon, by way of covered

wagon, settling near

Beaverton, Washington County.

They resided there until

1870, when they moved




to Marshland, Columbia

County where they re-

sided until a year ago,

when they came to Portland

because of ill - health.

He is survived by 4

sons and 4 daughters:

R.P. Graham - a well

known Portland lawyer.

A.S. Graham of 829

E. Yamhill Street, Silvo

and Tilden Graham of

Marshland, Mrs. R.G.

Davey and Mrs. R. D.

Kent of Clatskanie, Mrs.

H.L. Warren of Carmel

California and Mrs.

D. N. Bush of Willapa, Wash

He is also survived

by a brother C. M.

Graham of Marshland

and 22 grandchildren.

Funeral services

will be held today


at 2 o’clock from Finely’s

Chapel. Burial will

be at Riverview Cemetery. (Note:6)

Friends are invited to

the obsiquis.


Note:6 (Should read Lone Fir Cemetery)


Listing taken from

Polks Portland Directory

1867 Cooper: John M. Huliry

21 No. Front St.

1868 Davey, R. :Cooper

21 No. Front St.

1869 No Davey Listed

1871 R. Davey : Cooper

Res: 9th between C & D

Tufts(?) & Graham: Coopers

North Front St.

between D & E

1872 Sarah Elliot : housekeeper

res: Cosmopolitan Hotel

Tufts(?) & Graham moved to

First, near B

1880 Thomas A. Davey : Carpenter

res., 454 Third NE Corn, Mill

W.W. Davey same address

James Davey same address

1883 T. A. Davey Davey & McMiller

res. 3rd & Mill

Richard Davey, Tanner

104 Eleventh



1884 Thomas Davey Contractor

1885 Mrs. Sarah A. Davey

Boarding House 154 Yamhill

1886 Thomas A. moved to 165 Wash.

1887 William A; Conductor 35 Hall

Thomas A., Contractor 35 Hall

1888 Davey & Stewart

Thomas A. Davey & Robt J. Stewert

26 No. 6th Contractors

1890 Thomas Davey E. Portland (children, probably) listed

Miss Alice J teacher

Miss Grace E "

Miss Lillie B. "

William A. Brakeman

1890, ‘91 Thomas A. Davey listed

1892 Davey’s moved to

434 East 7th listed

Alice, Chas W. (Law student)

Edwin (clerk) Grace (teacher)

Lillie (teacher) Henry (clerk)

708 Front St.



1894 Thomas A. Davey : President

Builders Exchange. Contractor

and builder 209 Columbia

res : 434 East Seventh

1895 7 Daveys listed

1898 Charles W. bookkeeper 434 E 7th

Edwin J. storekeeper "

Lillie B. teacher "

1901 T.A. Davey & Co

contractors & builders

209 Columbia

(Thomas A. Davey last men-

tioned 1900

1905 Thomas A. Davey Fire


1906 Sarah E. widow of Thomas

A. 434 E 7th

1912 Mary Davey widow of

William 760 E. Davis

(only listing for her)



Spokane (Wash) Land Office:

Richard George Davey filed


Applied August 19, 1878

Rec’d patent May 24, 1879

for further information write

General Land Office

Wash D.C.

giving whom fact & dates



Information from Mamie Davey

Richard George Davey came

to U.S. when he was 6 months

old (Note: 7) - and later when 10 or 12

years old he returned to Eng-

land - after which his father

returned to U.S. At the time

Richard Geo Davey was appren-

ticed out. Later he came to the

U.S. a second time.


(Note: 7) RGD was born 10/24/1839 therefore

would have entered Canada/America in 1840

if this were accurate



I think the following

information from Dona

Hammer is inaccurate.

in most respects -

names may be correct

Dates do not tally

with dates taken from

Graham family Bible

and given to me by

Gt Aunt Georgia Graham



From record found by Dona P.

Davey Hammer. Written years ago

when she was in Oregon - R.G.

Davey was old then and not very

certain about dates, but all was

taken down as he said it:

R.G.D. Mother was: Ann Maria Essex

Married 1864. (Note 8) Left home 1860

Father was William Davey. Had

brother Tom Davey. R.G.D. had

a position in 1860, S__t his

brother down to St. Catherine's

(near Hamilton) Ontario, Canada

to cut stone for Bridge. R.G.D.

sister first husband was

Peter Cars lived in Hamilton

Ontario Thought he was

killed near 1860. R.G.D.

uncle who lived in Portland

was Thomas A. Davey, born in


see Death Obituary in front of this book

This information does not tally

with R.G.D.'s birth date on

his Obituary & also date of marriage.


Note 8: (This line is talking about Richard and not his mother. RGD was married in 1870. No documentation yet as to when he came to Canada/America)


William Davey from

Hamilton Ontario - Canada -

Will dated March 5 - 1884

disposed of $15,121 estate total

He dies 1886

Heirs were: Ann Davey (Note: 9) of West ___ his

wife, Lucy Wallis his sister,

George Wallis her son

Edmund Wrenn (of Grassmore Lodge Wellington Surry, England)

Jane Harris person of weak mind ($500 left in trust)

Mary Wrenn his sister

Thomas A. Davey brother (Note: 9)

Mahalia Tronce(sp) sister (31 Bowes St Baltimore(sp) Park London S.W.

Susan Bailey (Mrs. George) sister (S. Wembelton, Surrey England)

Eliza Lewis sister (Mrs Geo.) of Port Lyitleton (sp) New Zealand

S.F. Washington

Thos. C. Haskett (sp)

Office of Registrar of Supreme


Hamilton Ontario



Note: 9 ( This agrees with Richard Daveys recollections)



Georgia Ann Meigs - (see Note 4:)

daughter of George Meigs

and Sarah Ann Ingals (Note 10:)

born July 15, 1850 and

George Meigs was in the

general store business in Des

Moines Iowa, when after only

4 months of marriage he

left for California in the

gold Rush in search of his

fortune. He died of Cholera

in route. His daughter

Georgia Ann Meigs was

born after his death in

Des Moines July 15, 1850

(I can find no record

and do not know the date

probably late 1849 or early 1850. (Note 11:)

Sarah Ann Ingals Meigs

married second in Des

Moines Samuel M. Graham



Note 10: (I can find no record of a Ingals, only Simmons)

Note 11: (Marriage records indicate 1849)


Who had 2 brothers who

were Civil War Soldiers:

Namely : Charles Graham

and Jacob Graham

Of the marriage of

Samuel M. Graham and

Sarah Ann Meigs Graham

There were seven (7) Children

1 Ruben Penn Lawyer

2 Arnold Stansbury died 1932

3 Frank (who died in 2nd year)

4 Phelina (Fide) who died at 18

Will who was the father

of Guy Vernon Graham

and Irma Graham

5 Inez married Henry L.

Warren of Portland Ore.

and had 3 sons

b 6/18/1896 Walter (his son Walter

Warren Jr.

b. June 8, 1898 Haskell Warren

Earl Warren

all of Carmel, Cal



Silvo married Mande(sp)

Leola Orwig

Children: Irving June

& Sam

Louise Married Robert D.

Kent - Children were:

Alma, Kenneth, Vera

Thomas & Houston.

Lizzie died in her 8th year

Tilden Samuel Jacob:

Married Susie Colvin

Mabel married Duncan W

Bush. Willapa, Wash

Georgia Ann, Ruben

and Arnold with

their parents (Note 12:) crossed

the plaines in 1862 from (Note 13:)

Des Moines Iowa by

Covered Wagons drawn

by Oxen and horses over the

Old Oregon Trail, settling

in Beaverton, Washington

County, Oregon.


Note 12: ( Samuel M. Graham and Sarah Ann Maggs)

Note 13: (other sources show 1865)



Georgia Ann Meigs (Maggs)

and Richard George

Davey were married

on February 28, 1870

in Beaverton, Oregon -

(Marriage license is at

Hillsboro County Seat of

Washington County.)

Richard George Davey

born Oct 24, 1839 in

HYTHE, County Kent

England - His father was

William Davey. His

mothers name was

Mahala Davey (Note 14) He had

one sister and one or

two brothers. He had

served in the Crimean

War 1852-1856 (Note 15) and had

fought in a battle -

probably : Sebastopal


Note 14: ( From Richard's own account and from his fathers Will, Richard's mothers name was Ann)

Note 15: ( This would have made Richard from 12 to 16 years of age at the time of the Crimean war)

Georgia Ann Meigs (Maggs)

Davey : died

April 16, 1930 1t

Los Gatos California

at the home of her

daughter Henrietta.

(Mrs John Stephenson)

Richard George Davey

died in Clatskanie

Oregon March 16, or

17 1915

Both are buried

in the family plot (see note 3)

at Clatskanie, Oregon


Children of Georgia Ann

Meigs (Maggs) & Richard George Davey

1870 Rosie Ann Died in infancy

1871 Isaac Died in Infancy

1872 Sarah Ann Born may 24, 1872

Severely burned at the age

of 18, died soon after.

Was engaged to marry

Alvin Gordon who was

born Sept 28, 1861. He

survived her many

years --- and was bur-

ied beside her in Clatskanie

1873 Edward Nelson. born

Nov 22, 1873

Married Katherine Mabel

Coffee. They had one

Son Victor Hugh

born May 1, 1913

He now lives in Spokane.

1875 Julia Maria APR 6, 1875

Married George

Sutherland in Clatskanie


Mar 16, 1894 Had

2 children:


married Robt Copper

George ji(sp??)


1876 Orpha Lenora

born Nov 22, 1876

Married Henry R. Davis

Had one child

Harold who is married

and has 2 children.

1878 Donia Philena born

Feb 3, 1878 married

(about 1909) Joseph A.

Hammer of Louisville,

Kentucky She was

killed when struck by

an auto in June 1936

one child adopted

Martha May Smith


1879 Inez Mary born May

5, 1879 - Married

first: Ed Brown

second: Jesse Platts

one child: Lorraine

born about 1909

1880 Ella Kate (Katheryn)

born July 19, 1880 in

Chinook Wash

married 1st John Zug

of Tanglewood Bowie Md.

Sept 20, 1899, one


Francis Ann Zug

Born St. Matthew's

Hospital Fairbanks

Alaska Sept 10, 1907

(Divorced (Ella) Dec 1916 at

Valdez Alaska)

married 2d

Ralph H. Higgens in

Seattle 1919 (June 25)

divorced 1927 from

R.H. Higgens


1881 Ida Eiline(sp) - born

Sept 1881 married

Jesse Garner

1882 Abbie Katherine

born Nov 22 1882

married John Colvin

of Hood River Oregon

Children : Viola, John

Richard, Emma and


1883 Henrietta Mahala

born Feb 18, 1883

Georgia Ann Meigs (Maggs)

Davey died at her

home in Los Gatos

Cal. in April 1930

Henrietta Died there

1934 (about that date)

1885 Richard George born

Feb 9, 1885. Married

Ethel ? Children were

Georgia, James, Clothilde

Richard & Catherine

Drowned 1935?(speaking of Richard)


1887 Rebecca

died in 2d year

1888 Ralph born May 10


married Bernice Arm-

strong Nissen

189 Arnold

married Gladys

Armstong (sister of


1893 Albert Roswell

born July 3, 1893

Married Freida

Hiatt Dec 18, 1924

(Note: I believe the rest of the text on this page was written by Freida)

Albert died 12/14/1974 at

the age of 81 yrs, Buried at

Clatskanie, Oreg, in the

George Bruce Plot. 12/18/1974

Buried on 50th Wedding Aniver.

One child adopted, Earl

Alexander Regan, Dec 1934

His name, now Earl Regan Davey

He has 3 boys & 1 girl


During their long mar-

ried life from 1870 to

1915 over 45 years -

Richard George and Georgia

Ann Davey and their

family lived in Beaverton

Buckhorn, Davey's Land-

ing, in Oregon and at

Clatskanie Oregon, as well

as Chinook, Washington

across the Columbia River

from Oregon Astoria, Ore.

Lived at Astoria, Brown Mead



(Note: I believe the rest of the text on this page was also written by Freida)

more on

Albert R. Davey

listed below are children of

Earl Regan Davey & Barbara Lee Wenzel Davey

Matthew Regan Davey born 6/6/1957

at St. Helens, Oregon

Mark Regan Davey born Jan 6, 1959

at St. Helens Oregon

Steven Earl Davey born 2/1/1963

Born in Portland or Milwaukie, Ore

all live at

15325 LaCresenta Way

Milwaukie, Ore 97222

Earl Regan Davey & Barbara

Lee Wenzel were married

at St. Helens, Oreg. 9/27/1953

Earl was born at Naknek Alaska

to Wm. B. Regan, Sr & Dolly

Flyeem Regan May 27, 1933

Earl was adopted Dec 1934

By Albert & Frieda Davey.



(The End)