July 1st

Providence RI to Cape Cod MA

Today was a very nice day with only a few clouds.  We started out at the Battleship Mass and then worked our way up the Cape Cod coast.  We ended the day at Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod.  Glorene and I climbed a very tall tower that commemorated the first landing of the Pilgrims there.  We drove through town on the way back to our motel and were surprised to find it to be a Key West East if you know what I mean.  The streets were filled with very colorful individuals.  We then hot footed it back to our motel and had a nice dinner at a local restaurant

See following photo's for highlights

The Battleship Massachusetts

Dad fending off enemy planes

An old windmill on Cape Cod

Cape Cod

Ahhhh here comes a big one

Provincetown in the evening
Oo la la, that's a "he" on the right not a "she"

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