July 4th

Lexington and Concord MA

With the prediction of 350,000 (500,000 actually showed up) people showing up for the Boston Pops concert and fireworks we decided to head toward historic Lexington and Concord today.  It turned out that they let the people in at 6:00am and the ground was covered in minutes by people.  We were pretty worn out by yesterday so today we took a more relaxing pace.  We headed back to the motel at 5:00pm and had a early dinner and watched the concert on TV.  Tomorrow we head for Salem MA and Arcadia National Park near Bangor ME.

A MinuteMan statue at the Greens at Lexington where the Revolutionary Wars first gunshots were fired

Concord, MA

Henry Thoreau's grave in "Sleepy Hollow" Graveyard

The North Bridge at Concord

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